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Start making money with company that really cares about customers and affiliates!

Now you can not only partner with Royal Foam Inc and help spread the word about the leader in signmaking and advertising, BUT  you can get rewarded for your efforts.

We reward others who help our business to grow.  Our system tracks referrals and pays for every new customer  you send our way. We'll send you money for every person who fills out a quote request form on our site (www.royalfoam.us ).

Are you sure that money you're earning with your current affiliate program is an absolute limit? Royal Foam  affiliate program now and start earning the highest commissions in the industry! Royal Foam  has invented an outstanding mechanism of customer support. We make sure that every order reaches the customer, and they're completely satisfied with it. We thought over the every bit of the product page design, which in addition to largest selection of products and competitive prices guarantees a very high visits/sales conversion rate!


Set prices yourself!

We pay commission from Quote request you generate. Set your own prices with Royal Foam affiliate program, and control your earnings yourself.


Highest commissions on the web!

We calculate your daily commission real-time depending on number of Quote requests for the day. The more Quote requests you generate, the more commission you'll get. In the table below commission values are based on profit margin

Quote requests per Day

Your Commission for each Quote

Your Commission per Day

1 - 5


up to $ 25

6- 10


up to $ 60



up to $105



up to $160

≥ 21


more $210

  • We are well-known company with a good reputation.
  •  Powerful tracking and analysis tools with real time stats.
  • High sales conversion rates.
  •  Most competitive product pricing.
  • We provide discounts on volumes, therefore our customer buy more.
  •  Best designed, most professional looking website.
  •  Largest selection of products available for sale, including the most popular in the industry.
  •  Outstanding customer service!
  • LIVE Support! You can reach us 24/7 via e-mail  partner@royalfoam.us  
  • All the MEDIA IS PROVIDED (banners, images, blog feeds, etc.)!
  • Cookies last for 180 days!
  •  Prompt payment of all commission — no holding period! Be sure, you'll get your money!
  •  Minimum payment limit is $100.
  •  Payouts once a month by various payment methods, including wire transfers, Cheque, Paypal 
  •  2nd tier affiliates are welcome! Earn 15% of everything your referred affiliates get! 

  • We track each valid lead* (quote request) by crediting your account with $5 up to $10
  • We pay commissions based on all valid leads every 30 business days.
  • You work directly with us, there is no middleman. You will get paid every month you earn commissions directly from us.
  • Minimum payout is $100.00 If you do not generate this amount in a given payment period, your balance will be carried over and continue to accrue into the next pay period. (You will never be penalized for "poor performance", as our program is not volume-based).
  • We pay ONLY for quote requests coming from USA!
  • Payment is available by Cheque, Paypal or Wire Transfer.


*Valid leads are actual customers, located in USA, that are interested in our products and carry out some sort of communication process, as determined by Royal Foam Inc. After receiving a quote request we contact the customer via phone or e-mail to verify the information that was provided in a quote request form. This is to prevent plug fraud, which we take seriously.

Dear Prospective Affiliate,

The Royal Foam  Affiliate Program is NOT for everyone. And not everyone who applies is approved.


If you're an experienced affiliate looking to earn extremely generous commissions for your efforts, then you'll want to invest the next 5 minutes to listen to what we have to say. However, this message is for experienced affiliates only…

You see, though we pay you amazing commissions $5 or $10 for each Quote requests, we're only interested in soliciting the involvement of experienced affiliates.

Are You Experienced?

If you're experienced, Royal Foam Affiliate Program could be an overnight "cash cow" for you. Why? Because some estimate over 100 MILLION Americans are want to use dimensional advertising for increase their sales.

You might be asking:

Why Only Experienced Affiliates?


  • They Know What They're Doing.

  • And, Quite frankly…

  • We Don't Want to Train New Affiliates

  • When We Pay Enough to Attract Experienced Ones.

At Royal Foam inc we don't consider ourselves to be in the Internet business but rather the foam Advertising business. Naturally, we have no interest in teaching affiliate marketing.

We'll leave that to the pros but will pay them generously if they affiliate with us.

So What Do We Offer You As An Affiliate?

If you're an experienced affiliate, you know that your list is the prime asset of your business and you can't email them "junk" unless you're on a suicide mission to destroy your credibility.

What Kind of Creatives Do You Provide To Help Me Make Sales Fast?

We provide three key tools so you can start making money in minutes as long as you have traffic and a list.

1.) QUALITY ARTICLES: you can email to your list or post on your sites so you don't have to spend even a minute creating them yourself.

2.) EMAIL TEMPLATES: you can cut and paste to serve up great content to your list, so again, you don't have to be bothered to write a thing.

3.) BANNER CREATIVES: you can use on your site to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

What's The Next Step?

If you're ready to take the next step in the Royal Foam inc Affiliate Program and earn $5 or $10 for each Quote requests , all you have to do is click the "To Join the Program " button below.

You've got nothing to lose and substantial RESIDUAL INCOME to gain.


Signing up and getting your account configured couldn't be easier. You can be

 referring business our way in as little as 1 minute.





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