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Acceptance of Terms Through Use

You are responsible for claiming your own affiliate commissions in regards to income-tax filing obligations, in accordance with the governing laws of your country. We do not make any tax-deductions for you; you will receive your affiliate earnings in full.

Royal Foam Inc is a reputable, professional company, and WILL NOT tolerate any affiliate marketing via unsolicited mail (SPAM). This includes email signatures and auto-responders. We will also NOT tolerate any "plugging" of any form of refferal link on link-dumps, forums, newsgroups, message boards, guestbooks, pop-up/under/in campaigns, third-party advertising campaigns, or any other method that is not in absolute compliance with our affiliate program promotion requirements. Any affiliate caught "spamming" or "plugging" will be immediately removed from our program, and all commissions will be forfeited. We may also report the affiliate to the appropriate authorities in order to help decrease illegal spamming practices.

Affiliates of Royal Foam Inc are in no way employees, contractors or any other sort of related business colleague. Affiliates are to be considered "mini-marketers" of their own company or practice, which receive a referral reward for all clients that fill out the quote request form on web site of  Royal Foam Inc.

Royal Foam Inc pays its affiliates within 30 business days of finalizing a marketing agreement with a referred client. We credit every valid lead at a rate of $5.00 USD. Payment methods include: Cheque or PayPal

Royal Foam Inc ONLY accepts the following forms of online promotion: Credible, business-related website or blog that is your property, Opt-In Newsletters (ALL subscribers MUST have opted to receive your newsletter individually and willfully), and in some cases, targeted, contextual text advertising such as Google™ Adwords or Overture™. Text-Ad content copy and each targeted keyword must be approved with written consent by Royal Foam Inc prior to broadcast.

You are encouraged to use any of the banners and text links provided within the Royal Foam affiliate program. However, you may not modify our graphical or textual advertisements in any way and publish them on your online medium without prior approval, in the form of written consent issued by Royal Foam Inc.

All websites, blogs, newsletters/ezines and text-ad campaigns will be reviewed by our staff prior to approval for our affiliate program. We do not allow sites, blogs or ezines/newsletters that contain any adult, illegal, hateful, objectional or questionable content to publish our affiliate links. Furthermore, the main theme of your content must be related to signmaking (as determined by Royal Foam reviewers), and the majority of your viewer demographic must be sign companies, and others potentially interested in purchasing goods from Royal Foam Inc.

Unlike other affiliate programs, the Royal Foam affiliate program takes fraud and unethical methods of referring "quotes" very seriously, and audits all accounts frequently. If you plan on abusing our system for your own financial benefit, please refrain from signing up as an affiliate. We reserve the right to refuse payment to any affiliate if we suspect any illegal or unethical methods of generating quote requests. We will immediately notify the applicable authorities regarding any and all illegal or questionable actions that an offending affiliate performs.