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CB 014
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We manufacture our shapes using advanced machinery and quality material that ensure fine and consistent quality of details that can not be achieved using on the job sitetools and methods.

Royal Foam shapes will withstand extreme climatic temperatures, sun light, rain, ice and snow for many years. Our products have a 5 year limited warranty. Our standard shapes are made of the EPS foam. You can also order shapes which are precision coated with a hard coat, over the EPS foam, at our factory for uniformed thickness and detail. Hard coat is an epoxy specially designed for expanded polystyrene foam. After the hard coat is applied, a 100% acrylic stucco finish is sprayed on the surface of the entire shape. This provides an unmatched strength, making it the ideal architectural product for your next construction project.

Royal Foam shapes are will Best price-quality ratio

But our price is still lower than many other firms' discount price, simply because we don't try to apply old business paradigms to today's business reality. Instead, we build our business fully aware of the changes that are taking place and act accordingly.

The bottom line is that we strive to offer you the best price/quality ratio you can get. Always.

Minimum custom order: $500, shipped by trucking companies, or UPS Standard

Order Amount

Shipping Cost

Under $100

$50 Flat Rate

$100 - $200

$ 55 Flat Rate

$200 - $299

$ 65 Flat Rate

$300 - $499

$ 75 Flat Rate

Over $500

%20 of the order amount

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