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We produce architectural balustrades all style

Balustrades are a combination of balusters, newel posts, and top caps that form protective railings or define specific areas. A variety of materials and styles combine to create many different types of balcony balustrades. The styles range from carved marble for upscale homes to the rustic look of natural branches for cabins. Architectural balustrades are decorative and only provide visual interest, while functional balustrades are safety devices to prevent balcony falls.

We offer a variety of shapes, styles, and material that’s made out of foam, which are attractive, durable, and can meet your budget.

Our unique balustrades add the finishing touches to your design. All of our balustrades are made to order to your own specific requirements and whether it is for a family, home, hotel, restaurant commercial offices or other business premises we produce balustrades of the highest quality and in a variety of formats, styles, and materials. Our balustrade systems serve both structural and decorative purposes. Our specialist team thrives on challenges and work closely with our customers to produce solutions providing beautiful architectural balustrades. We offer both radius railings and curved stairways in our balustrade systems for added beauty and curb appeal. From substantial cast stone to durable lightweight polyurethane, to maintenance free reduced weight synthetic stone, Royal Foam has the ideal balustrade product and design for your project.

BALUSTER is a molded shaft, square or of lathe-turned form, standing on a unifying footing and supporting the coping of a parapet or the handrail (also known as a bannister) of a staircase. Multiplied in this way, they form a balustrade.


The final price is shown after the approval of all order details


Baluster forms are familiar in the legs of chairs and tables represented in Roman bas-reliefs, where the original legs or the models for cast bronze ones were shaped on the lathe, or in Antique marble candelabra, formed as a series of stacked bulbous and disc-shaped elements, both kinds of sources familiar to Quattrocento designers.

RESIDENTIAL balustrade 1a
RESIDENTIAL balustrade 3
RESIDENTIAL balustrade 2a
COMMERCIAL balustrade 2

Royal Foam offers different styles and shapes from classic to modern balusters, that can dramatically improve the look of your home. Balusters will make it more sophisticated ant will emphasize your exceptional taste. Royal Foam Balusters are the great choice, if you are looking for fascinating, elegant and classic framing for your home.

Our High Density EPS balustrade systems are lightweight yet structural. The balustrade system is essentially a high density foam baluster. Foam baluster is actually a misnomer since the “foam” balustrade system has a density similar to white pine, so it is sturdy like wood and feels like wood but will not rot, crack, or split. EPS is a paint-grade product and is a low-maintenance balustrade system.


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