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Brackets and Corbels



We produce architectural Brackets & Corbels all style

Decorate the look of your house with stylish Royal Foam Wall Bracket! Take advantage of its inimitable beauty and style. Royal Foam Corbels and Brackets are used to enhance the look of your rooms and also functions as a support or appear to support a certain structure. Royal Foam Corbels are used all over the home such as underneath kitchen island and countertops, shelves and home bars. Royal Foam Corbels and Brackets differ in a way that the Corbels are much wider in width than Brackets but come in sizes that can accommodate the weight of heavy counters. Royal Foam Corbels can be purchased an array of styles and designs. Simple styles are available and come in designs that are basic such as lines and diagonals. If you want more intricate ones, it comes in flower carvings or grape leaves. Corbels are more used decoratively because of its artistic design and wide width.

Royal Foam Brackets are more used for its functional ability. Mostly on hanging shelves and will hold up wait of heavy books, vases or decorations. These brackets come in array of designs like corbels but these are made slimmer.

The exterior view of your house is very important as it shows your personal taste. Exterior will give your guests the first impression on what the interior of the house or the apartment is going to be. If you care about the look of your home you should add some style to it using the decorative wall brackets or any other elegant and expressive architectural accents. The use of exterior Royal Foam orbels is a great way to add a stately look to the exterior of your home. They make the perfect accent for Royal Foam exterior dentil molding, columns and archways, to name just a few applications. Understanding the different materials and designs used in their production will help you make the best choice for your home.


You can also choose any other architectural elements, and make an order

COMMERCIAL brackets 2
RESIDENTIAL corbels brackets 2b
RESIDENTIAL gable ornaments 1
RESIDENTIAL Corbels Brackets b
RESIDENTIAL gable ornaments 2
RESIDENTIAL Corbels Brackets a

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