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Dock System

Image by Nick Karvounis

Royal Foam specializes in the design and manufacture of affordable dock floats and dock systems for inland lakes, rivers, ponds, any open water application, including tributaries from the great lakes and the oceans. From swim platforms, docks, and marinas, to floating houses and buildings, Royal Foam floats can be manufactured for any structure required to stay above surface water. Royal Foam’s priorities are focused on your specifications, your budget, and delivering the quality you expect from a market leader.

Docks, marinas, swim platforms, any structure required to stay above surface water.
From project conception to completion, our team of experienced professionals will deliver intelligent designs and outstanding products with minimal to no maintenance expenses for many years.

Royal Foam Floating Dock Systems

The unique design of Royal Foam’s floating dock systems is unparalleled in strength, stability, and durability through seasonal changes and dissipating wave energy. Royal Foam floating dock systems are the most cost effective on the market when compared to the life cycle costs of other products. With Royal Foam’s floating dock system any size or shape can be created, from face docks to fingers docks, to platforms or rows of personal watercraft slips. Because Royal Foam’s unique design comes in sections that can be easily and securely fastened together, you have the option of building a minimum size dock today and expanding the dock to your needs in the future.

Safety and Quality makes the difference with Royal Foam Floats Royal Foam Floats have been in use on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects and TVA waterways since 1989 Over 160,000 Royal Foam Floats are currently in use.

Royal Foam Block Filled Floats

Royal Foam Floats are designed to provide buoyancy to structures needing to stay above surface water; floating docks, swim platforms, houses, and buildings. Two basic types of marine molded floats are available; EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) “Block” filled and EPS “Bead” filled.

Block filled: The EPS foam block is manufactured first, then cut to size and encapsulated into the marine molded float box. After inspected for the correct fit the float box lead is vacuum sealed and welded to the box to completely seal the EPS foam in the float box form any outside elements. We manufacture our foam to the finished stage of expansion prior to encapsulating it in any of our floats.

Each float is designed with a ridged mounting flange around the top perimeter allowing for an easier and more secure attachment to your structure

Bead filled: The EPS beads (non- expanded) are pumped or poured into either rotationally molded or blow molded floats. The beads are then expanded by use of steam and pressure, applied by using wands inserted into holes in the molds. After the beads are expanded the wand holes are filled with caps that are then sealed.

Image by Nick Karvounis
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Royal Buoy’s

The float coating of Royal Buoy’s is seamless, eliminating any weak weld points that have the potential to leak. The float coating features our own polyurea coating, encapsulating the EPS. Royal Buoy’s are Hunt and Army Corps of Engineers test approved.

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Concrete Decking

Using the latest in techniques and technological advances Royal Foam manufactures attractive and durable concrete deck panels with a rock aggregate finish.

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Box Truss steel frames are all welded trusses made from angles and rounds. All steel components in the structural frames are notched and fitted prior to welding.

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Wood Construction

Computer-aided manufacturing allows for precision drilling and the tightest tolerances in the industry. (29).gif

Super Span Roofing

Our Super Span roof panels are specifically designed for maritime applications and Royal Foam roll forms its own roofing panels. (25).gif


Royal Foam covers all the bases when it comes to installation. We can provide an experienced project manager to help you install your kit or assembled structure, to full-service bonded construction services to install the docks, utilities, anchors, and more.


Float Specifications and Sizes
Part # Float Size Buoyancy

  • 96114 24″ x 48″ x 12″ 380 lbs.

  • 24180 24” X 48” x 18” 590 lbs.

  • 97000 36” X 48” X 12” 590 lbs.

  • 89122 36” X 48” X 18” 870 lbs.

  • 91516 36” X 48” X 25” 1,280 lbs.

  • 44180 48” X 48” X 18” 1,260 lbs.


Float Characteristics:

  • Block filled offers complete fill with NO voids

  • The float is completely sealed in the manufacturing process

  • NO moisture or gases need to be vented

  • NO caps to install


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