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Roofing System


Sometimes, in stickframe construction, crews don`t always make sure studs are exactly 12 or 16 inches on center. With SIPs that`s not a worry. You`re assured consistency because they`re manufactured in a factory to exacting standards; so all your walls and roof panels are the same dimensions every time. Another advantage is SIPs can be factory produced to any shape you require: like trapezoids used for gables and dormers. This saves time and waste disposal. SIP construction also saves labor hours. A project using stickframe construction may take several weeks with a 4-person crew, but will take as little as 3 days, with the same crew, using SIPs. What makes SIPs even better!

Company Royal Foam makes panels from polyfoam which will be filled in further by concrete and thus will create a warm and strong roof, floor blockings or walls for your house! The sizes and the form polyfoam panels are various in view of features of construction industrial and residential buildings. We will provide any configuration of panels!


Structural insulated panels


The benefits of Royal Foam construction include:

Energy Efficiency (55-85% reduction in heating and cooling costs compared to wood-frame construction)

Hurricane Resistance (five inches of seamless, steel-reinforced, high-strength concrete!)

Quietness (STC- 50 rating)

Insect, and Moisture Resistance (4 hour fire rating)


EPS Panel is a proven construction material well-suited to the extremes of almost to all types of climate. It is a cost-effective, lightweight construction material with excellent insulation properties.


The advantages of EPS Panel include:

  • High load bearing capacity at low weight

  • Effective and durable thermal insulation

  • Absolute water and vapour barrier

  • Air-tightness for controlled environments

  • Long life, low maintenance

  • Lightweight, fast and economic construction

  • Hygienic food grade finish

  • cost effective insulation material available


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