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Wall Niches



We produce custom Architectural Wall Niches all style and dimension

Want to make your home unique? Want to give it a fresh design touch? Royal Foam Wall Niche is a great way to add beauty to almost any place in your home. It is an amazing way to add depth and interest to any wall. Royal Foam Wall Niche adds a bit of a historical touch to the overall appearance of the space. Wall niches were common in older houses. Often they were used to hold the home’s telephone. While the necessity for this item has gone, many people like to use them as a shelf. While a usual shelf will do the trick in regards to displaying items – a wall niche will make it look a lot more appealing. Interestingly enough, wall niche will also make it look a lot more alive by giving plain walls focal points. Also, while on the shelf the piece that is being displayed might go completely unnoticed; in a wall niche it will become a topic of discussion and provoke questions from your visitors. Royal Foam Wall Niches are built into your walls to give the walls another layer of depth. They start at the top with elegant arches. The curves of these arches will provide contrast to all of the straight lines of hallways, foyers, and staircases, making these areas pleasing to the eye. The arches of Royal Foam Wall Niches run straight down to shelves at the bottom of the niches. Some people use these shelves to display sculptures or vases of flowers, family heirlooms or artwork. Other people leave their niches empty for a dramatic effect.


You can also choose any other architectural elements, and make an order


Royal Foam Wall Niche Key Features:

  • Royal Foam Wall Niches are lightweight, making handling and installation easy.

  • Royal Foam Wall Niches can be used to display favorite family knickknacks.

  • Royal Foam Wall Niches will add another dimension to your walls.

  • Royal Foam Wall Niches are available in several sizes for your convenience.

  • Royal Foam Wall Niches can be finished and installed or left unfinished for a look that resembles traditional plaster.

  • Royal Foam Wall Niches will add to the beauty of your home’s interior.


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