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Architectural Fence


Welcome to the website of Royal Foam Factory!

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We are your one stop 3D Advertising shop for all business, commercial, residential signage as well as Architectural accents. 3D Advertising is the first thing everyone sees when visiting your establishment. Insure you make the right first impression with one of our quality hand carved, dimensional, advertising products.

Royal Foam Factory, produces Foam core, Custom Monument Signs, Sandblasted Signs, 3D Lettering, 3D Logos, V-groove Carved Signs, 3D Stage Props, Wedding Colonnades, Columns and Balusters, ICFs, Packaging, Docks Marinas, Swim platforms, Stucco Mailboxes , Decorative Trims, Cornices, Fences, Caps and Bases, Sills and Bands, Brick and Stone Moldings, Brackets and Corbels, Keystones, Pediments, Arches, Wall Niches, Louvers , Column Capitals and Bases, Interior and Exterior Decorations shapes, Brackets, Wall Caps, Post Lamps, Advertising and much more!


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Architectural accent


Foam core Custom Monument Signs and 3D lettering from Royal Foam

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3D Signs & Advertising

Royal Foam produces exclusive Huge3D Letters which are the best solution for guerilla marketing and visual merchandising. When you need to attract customer’s attention to a particular product, Huge 3D letters™ ™ and Sculpture enlargements are your best choice. Royal Foam 3D lettering and sculptures take a special place in retail stores and malls, drawing customer’s attention to your products.

One more area, where our creativity and professionalism give us an advantage is wedding colonnades and decorative accents. Now, when every couple wants to have an unforgettable and unique wedding, our architectural accents and colonnades create a luxurious and majestic look. Royal Foam is the best choice for wedding planners as all of our decorations are easy to ship and install. They are long lasting and can be mounted in different configurations, so when purchasing one set you can create several completely different looks. For an even more impressive look we use a variety of paints, sparkles, plastic elements and other materials that help us create completely customized products.


EPS foam products for  Construction Industry

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Construction Products